Arabic Interpreting Services

Professional Arabic Interpreting Services in London UK

We at Lingo Service provide professional Arabic Interpreting Services in London and across the whole of the UK.

Our Arabic Interpreting Services come in two forms, consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive Interpreting would be concurrent, meaning the Interpreter would be speaking while the speaker speaks, whereas simultaneous would be “whispered interpretation”.

Our Arabic Interpreting Services are cost effective and professional, we cover London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and nation wide.

Business Arabic Interpreting Services

We also offer business Arabic Interpreting Services to help you conduct yourself in a more professional manner when it comes to International business, enabling your company to reach further afield. We are able to provide Interpreters that are native in Arabic or any other language, so whether you require Interpreting services to or from Arabic, we are able to deliver.

Global Arabic Interpreting Services

At Lingo Service, we are also able to provide you with Arabic Interpreting Services outside of the UK. Contact us for more details.

When doing business globally, you’ll often find you’ll need to hold seminars and conferences on foreign shores meeting your clients globally. We have a range of Interpreters on our books who are either native Arabic speakers or native in another language, enabling you to conduct business either to or from Arabic.

An Escorted Arabic Interpreting Service

An escorted Arabic Interpreting Service is a form of Interpreting that is normally used by business travelers and diplomats, where an Interpreter accompanies the client on their business trips. However, more recently “phone Interpretating” has become the norm, which we can also provide.

We offer the following escorted Interpreting services:

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Our Arabic Translators are all Specialists within their Fields

Native Arabic Translators

All of our translators are native Arabic speakers and experts within their fields. Our translations are all proofread and stamp certified to guarantee accuracy and professionalism.

UK Certified Translations

 A Certified and Accredited Certificate issued from us, Lingo Service, is accepted by the UK Home Office and most other authorities within the United Kingdom.

Ten Years Experience

Lingo Service was established over 10 years ago and since then has grown into a multi-national company and has gained unlimited experience and expertise.

Translations of the Highest Quality

Delivering professional Arabic translation projects of the highest-quality to our customers is paramount, we pay extra attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of the projects we work on.

Trusted Translation Services

We have a large professional team of native Arabic-speaking translators and linguists who have the necessary skills and experience to deal with all our translation projects to the highest standard.

Quality Control Certificates

Lingo Service Translations Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 certified for quality management and are one of the first translation companies to become ISO 17100 certified for quality in translation.

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