Arabic Desktop Publishing

Arabic Desktop Publishing

Do you require an Arabic Desktop Publishing Translation Service for your PDFs, marketing brochures, technical manuals, medical booklets or any other documents that contain images or set layouts?

If so, we at Lingo Service can provide DTP, In-design translation services, maintaining the layout consistently of your document/s that may include books, ads, manuals or any other text with or without images.

Arabic Desktop Publishing Services for Brochure Translations

Lingo Service can also provide Arabic Desktop Publishing and translation services that both relay effectively the source and target language, while still maintaining a similar appearance and layout. In-design, Illustrator or Quark files can be sent to us and we will send them back to you, fully translated. If you have only PDF files, we can rebuild the layout for you.

Once we’ve completed your Arabic Desktop Publishing Translation Project, you may notice it has increased the sentence length by about 30%, often affecting the layout of your document. However, our Arabic Desktop Publishing Service preserves your documents original layout and format by correctly inserting the translation back into your document, adjusting any layout issues and making sure the document still looks professional.

Our Arabic Desktop Publishing Services Include

  • Working with mark-up languages such as HTML, SGML, XML as well as online documentation formats such as Acrobat PDF and various others,
  • Font management applications,
  • Knowledge of various printer drivers and professional PostScript printers,
  • Formatting and page layout,
  • Creating and editing graphics and screen shots (generic graphics, screen captures, illustrations and diagrams),
  • Converting/generating output of translated material in multiple formats (creating PostScript files and PDF files).

Some of the Projects we have previously worked on Include

  • Multimedia Flash Projects
  • Manuals (such as electronic devices and machines)
  • Smart Building Software
  • E–learning Software
  • Online Help Files
  • Reviewers and Quality Control

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