Arabic Proofreading

Arabic Proofreading

Here at Lingo Service, Arabic Proofreading is part of our service. Once your documents have been translated, they will be sent off to one of our proofreaders, who will ensure that your translation reads smoothly, amending any errors that may crop up.

It is our experience that having an independent proofreader check over all translated documents, is far more effective than having the same translator double check their own work.

All of our Arabic Proofreaders are Native Arabic Speakers

At Lingo Service, we aim to provide an excellent level of service, and this is why we offer a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the translation you receive from us, by email, and we have tried to rectify it to no avail, we will refund the cost to you, cancel the agreement and not send you the final copy via post.

Our proofreading service is also available as a stand alone service. Should you require a brochure, document or website to be thoroughly proofread before publication, we can send it to one of our proofreaders who will check for any spelling, grammar and sentence structure issues.

It is interesting to note, that our Arabic Proofreaders are all native in their target language and on average will check around 6,000 words per day, compared to a translator who will usually process around 2000 -3000 words per day!

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