Arabic Transcription

Arabic Transcription

We at Lingo Service have a qualified team of professionals able to provide you with Arabic Transcription Services. Our guarantee promises a 98% accuracy rate for “good” audio files when there are no more than two speakers on the recording.

We always ensure our Arabic Transcription Services are quality controlled, where they are re-verified, proofread and reviewed to ensure their accuracy.

Arabic Media Transcription Services

When it comes to our Arabic Media Transcription Services, we at Lingo Service will accept and convert all formats, from text-to-text transcription and digital transcription to audio transcription.

Arabic Video Transcription

Arabic Podcast Transcription

Arabic News Transcription

Our Specialist Arabic Transcription Services

We offer Arabic medical and legal transcription, sermon transcription, investigative transcription and insurance transcription.

Our reputation is based on our transparency, quality control, affordability and customer service. We strive to provide excellent Arabic transcripts having a dedicated team who are all experts in their fields, who work in their native Arabic language ensuring high quality transcriptions.

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