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The Arabic language is spoken by over 295 million people from 67 countries, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. Not surprisingly, these areas are fast becoming a growth area for companies seeking new markets. Arabic is now third place on the list of the most widely spoken languages in the world. At Lingo Service as an Arabic Translation Agency, we believe Arabic translation and localisation play a huge role in connecting cultures and communities around the globe and so we offer a large variety of comprehensive and specialised Arabic translation services to assist you as an individual or in the growth and development of your business.

Lingo Service offer a wide range of Arabic Translation Services to suit your needs

Arabic Certified Translation

We at Lingo Service, as an Arabic Translation Agency we offer professional and high quality Arabic certified translation services to suit your needs with our company certificate of authenticity stamp on all our translations; from marriage certificates to university grades. Translations certified by Lingo Service are accepted by the Home Office, the UK Passport Office, and most other UK Authorities.

Arabic Urgent Translation

If you need to translate your documents urgently, Lingo Service, Arabic Translation Agency provides fast, professional Arabic urgent translations delivered the same day or within 24 hours. We offer certified translations for marriage certificates, divorce and death certificates, birth certificates, diplomas and transcripts, to name but a few, suitable for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Home Office.

Arabic Website Translation

We at Lingo Service understand the importance of accuracy and cultural differences, especially when it comes to website translation, where technical precision is paramount. We will ensure that your Arabic website translation reads as marketing text written by a native Arabic speaker, conveying all the technical details of the source text correctly.

Arabic Legal Translation

We at Lingo Service specialise in Arabic legal and certified translations for UK clients and clients worldwide. We only assign qualified legal translators and proof-readers who are experts in their fields to translate your documents. Lingo Service Translations understand that any small errors made, for example, may be detrimental to your business and could lead to lawsuits and loss of money.

Arabic Financial Translation

Lingo Service recognise that in the financial services sector, linguistic and technical accuracy are arguably more important than in any other area. We understand how important it is to translate financial statements accurately. Our specialised linguists possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure that all translations are error free and meet all UK and foreign financial practices.

Arabic Medical Translation

At Lingo Service we recognise that all emdical translations must be accurate, flawless and without any errors or mistakes. Confidentiality is also of equal importance to accuracy and it is always a high priority for us. Our strict policy of only using qualified and professional translators from the medical Industry who are native Arabic speakers is one of the main reasons for our success.

Arabic Technical Translation

We at Lingo Service specialise in providing high-quality, professional technical translations, translating everything from brochures to technical manuals, working with certified technical translators and proof-readers who are native Arabic speakers and have extensive technical Industry experience with recognised qualifications within their specific specialisation.

Arabic Marketing Translation

At Lingo Service Translations, we understand that Arabic Marketing Translation goes beyond just words. A good Translation of a Marketing text understands its tone, understated meanings, design, illustration and layout.  Our Native Arabic Translators strive to work in the target market and produce text that reads as though it were written in the target language.

Arabic e-Learning Translation

We at Lingo Service are experts in the area of e-learning and have Translated thousands of Training Manuals and put together numerous e-learning courses. We and our Native Arabic Translators will work with you at every stage to tailor your Material to the right Target Language, paying special attention to region and dialect to ensure complete accuracy and relevancy.

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How to start your Translation Project with Lingo Service


Send us the file you wish to be translated via the below online form by choosing the appropriate source and target language and then uploading the documents that need to be translated.


Once we’ve received your file, one of our customer service representatives will analyse your documents and then reply back in less than 15 minutes with a price quotation and estimated delivery date.


Once, you the client, have given written approval (by email) of the offer, one of our customer service representatives will assign the project to one of our dedicated project managers.


Your designated project manager will then assign the project to a linguistic team to start your translation, your project manager will then be the link between you and the translators by following up with the project and keeping you updated.


Once your designated translator has finished the translation, your project manager will send you a draft copy of the translation for your final revision and approval.


Upon your written approval (by email) of the final translation, your project manager will then prepare the translated documents to be sent out to you, the client. Your project manager will then send you out a hard copy of the translated documents. Your translated documents will be printed on company authentication papers, stamped, signed and certified.

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