Arabic e-Learning Translation

Arabic e-Learning & Training Translation

Many companies with employees and clients in the Middle East, require a reliable Arabic e-Learning Translation Service in order to have employee training sessions that communicate clearly the company’s strategies and processes.

Did you know that companies who use Arabic e-Learning Translation Services to train their employees, and tailor their material specifically to their employee’s needs (i.e language) generate around 26% more revenue per annum, per employee?

This is where Lingo Service can help, we can provide a professional Arabic e-Learning Translation Service ensuring that your training manuals are being accurately communicated to all staff.

Enabling your company to reach new global markets due to your staff fully understanding your companies visions and exactly what’s expected of them as employees.

After all, it has been shown that companies who implement e-learning tools and strategies into their training sessions, have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%!

We at Lingo Service specialise in this area of e-learning, we have translated thousands of training manuals and put together numerous e-learning courses. We will work with you at every stage to tailor your material to the right target language, taking into consideration the region and dialect and ensuring complete accuracy, delivering your training package within a turnaround time that suits your needs.

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